Universal Safety Fuse

Universal safetly fuse is an initiation device, Which is intended, altogether whit detonating Cap, for imitation of explosive charges, and Independently, for initiation of charges, and mining black powder.

It consists of continues charge of black Powder coated whit PVC foil, which ensures the full water resistance.

Universal safety fuse is intended for initiating in Dry and wet conditions, as well as underwater Up to 10 m.

Application in presence of methane and Dangerous coal dust is strictly forbidden.

Universal safety fuse wrapped on coils, which Are packed in boxes of 240 x 240 x 850 mm, each containing 4 coils.

Packign of universal safety fuse is adapted to ADR/97 rules.

Safety fuse is produced accordance whit JUS H. D3. 050.

Guarantee period is 12 mounts under the prescribed way of storage.

Universal safety fuse should be stored in dry And well-ventilated rooms at temperatures Ranging from -20C to +30C and relative Humidity not exceeding 75%.

Universal Safety Fuse

PROPERTIES Universal safety fuse
Diameter(mm) 5,22 ± 0,5
burning time(s/m) 110 - 140
Isolation color Black