Pentolite Boosters

Explosives non-sensitive to initiation whit blasing cap No 8, electro-detonator or detonating cord, have slight sensitivity to methanical impulse, stroke and friction, and therefore slight sensitivity to initial impulse within provoking of detonation process, as well. For their initiation are used pentolite boosters which produce much stronger impulse than the mentioned initial means.

TRAYAL CORPORATION produces the following types of pentolite boosters:

  • PP - 100
  • PP - 300
  • PP - 360
  • PPN - 500

These boosters have excellent water-resistance,extremely high detonation pressure and velocity.

Pentolite booster PP-100 is primary intended for underground blasting, but only in holes without presence of methsne and dangerous coal dust.

Pentolite boosters PP-300, PP-360 and PPN-500 are intended for surface mass blasting.

The design of boosters PP-300 and PP-360 is adapted to initiation whit detonating core.

The design of boosters PPN-500 is accordance with initiation with non-electric initiation systems of "NONEL" type of other ways of initiation.

Owing to their extremely high brisance and standard quality, they are successfully used for geophysical surveys.

Packing of pentolite boosters is adapted to ADR/97 rules.

Pentolite Boosters

PROPERTIES PP-100 PP-300 PP-360 PPN-500
Dencity(g/cm³) 1.60 1.60 1.60 1.60
Detonation velocity(m/s) 6800-7200 6800-7200 6800-7200 6800-7200
Oxygen balance(%) -0.425 -0.425 -0.425 -0.425
Gas volume(dm³/kg) 1002 1002 1002 1002
Penetration - steel(mm) min. 10 min. 10 min. 10 min. 10



Booster Diameter(mm) Mass(g) Lenght(mm) Internal packaging Outer packing cardboard boxes
No pieces Dimension(mm) Net mass(kg)
PP-100 40 100 90 200 390x390x200 20.0
PP-300 50 300 100 80 440x340x210 24.0
PP-360 70 360 55 69 370x340x210 25.0
PPN-500 70 500 91 50 380x380x200 25.0

Pentolite boosters are produced in accordance with H.D1.020 standard.

Guarantee period for pentolite boosters is 12 months.