Detonating cord

Detonating cord is an explosive device intended For transferring detonation from blasting cap N 8 or electric detonator to the explosive Charges.

TRAYAL CORPORATION produces detonating Cords with 10g and 12g of explosive charge per Meter, marked as P-10 and P-12.

Detonating cord can be successfully used for Blasting in open cast mines, quarries, pits not Affected with methane and dangerous coal dust, As well as for different kind of special surface And underwater blasting.

Applications in presence of methane and Dangerous coal dust is strictly forbidden.

Detonating cord is wrapped on coils, which Are packed in boxes of 240x240x950mm, Each containing 4 coils.

Packaging of detonating cord is adapted to ADR/97 rules.

The guaranteed expiration date implies the Storing of explosives in dry and well-ventilated Rooms whit temperature ranging from -20C to +30C, that is whit maximum relative Humidity of 75%.

Guarantee period is unlimited under prescribed Storage conditions.

Detonating cord

Charge(g/m) 10±1 12±1,5
Diameter 5,5±0,25 5,2±0,25
Isolation color Red Blue
Detonation velocity(m/s) min 6300 min 6300
Initiation DK N° 8 Blasting Cap No.8