DETONEX explosives

TRAYAL CORPORATION offers water-plastic charged explosives


Thanks to water and appropriate thickeners which Are their components, these explosive shave Mushy-plastic consistence, big sen sate and Excellent water resistance.

However, these kind of explosives has much Reduced sensitivity to initial implies, so that for their initiation the following types of boosters are recommended:

  • pentolite booster PP-300 for initiation of Cartridges 60mm and 70mm in diameter
  • pentolite booster PP-369 or PPN-500 for initiation of cartridges of 80mm and bigger Diameters.

The guaranteed expiration date implies the storing Of explosives in dry and well-ventilated rooms with Temperature ranging from -20C to +30C, that is With maximum relative humidity of 75%.

The packaging is adapted to ADR/97 rules.

DETONEX explosives

Dencity(g/cm³) 1.40 - 1.45
Detonation velocity(m/s) min. 5000
Detonation transmission(cm) Contact
Oxygen balance(%) -7,6
Gas volume(dm/kg) 1015
Heat of explosion(kJ/kg) 3537
Explosion temperature(K) 2509
Initiation min. pentolite booster 300g



Diameter(mm) Cartridge mass(g) Cartridge length(mm) Inner packing poly-ethylene bags Outer packing cardboard boxes
Pieces Mass of each(kg) Dimensions(mm) Net mass(kg)
60 1500 368-380 16 1,5 410x240x250 24.0
70 2000 359-371 12 2,0 400x280x230 24.0
80 2500 343-355 9 2,5 410x240x250 22.5
90 3000 325-337 8 3,0 400x280x230 24.0

*Detonation velocity is tested in a cardboard tube of ø70mm diameter, initiated with PP-360.

DETONEX is produced in accordance with standard H.D1.020.

Guarantee period of DETONEX is 6 mounts.