DEMULEX explosives

DEMULEX - 3M i DEMULEX - SBM are charged emulsion explosives Of "water in oil " type. Microbaloons are used as Sensitizers. They are manufactured whit and without Ai-powder. They fall into a group of Extremely safe water-resistant explosives.

They are used in surface and underground Exploitation whiteout the presence of methane And/or harmful coal dust. They are also used in Holes filled with owing to their high Resistance to water.

They are easily initiated by detonating cartridge N 8, elector detonator detonating fuse and by Non-electric system of initiations (NONEL).

The guarantied expiration date is 6 mounts From the date of production.

The date of the production is printed on the list Contained by each package.

The guaranteed expiration date implies the Storage of explosives in dry and well-ventilated Rooms where the temperature ranges from -20C to +30C, that is relative humidity does not exceed 75%.

The packing is adjusted to the ADR/97 norms. These explosive are manufactured whit Diameters ranging from F28 to F80mm.

DEMULEX explosives

Dencity(g/cm³) 1.15±0.25 1.15±0.05
Detonation velocity(m/s) min. 4300 min. 4300
Oxygen balance(%) Balanced
Gas volume(dm³/kg) 953 915
Heat of explosion(kJ/kg) 2830 3310
Explosion temperature(K) 2053 2300

*Detonation velocity is determined in a steel tube of ø300mm diameter and 3mm wall thickness. It is initiated with detonating cartridge N° 8