DEMEX explosives

99TRAYAL CORPORATION offers three kinds of Explosieves of DEMEX type:

  • DEMEX 1
  • DEMEX 2
  • DEMEX 3

Explosives od DEMEX type are tho low brisance Commerial explosives, which due to their mining-tehnical characteristics, can be used for different kind of special mining.

Explosives of this type can be used for Cladding, surface proceeding of metals and Metallic constructions, as well as for Explotations of marble.

DEMEX explosives are usaed in machinery Construction, shipbuilding and mining.

DEMEX explosives are not waterproof, so the usage in water presence is not recomended.

DEMEX explosives must not be used in methane working conditions.

DEMEX explosives are transported in bulk Condition, packed in bags of 25kg, and transport boxes with dimmensins of 600x360x160mm.

The quaranteed expiration date implies the Storing of explsives in dry and well-ventilated Rooms with temperature ranging from -20 C to +30 C, that is whit maximum relative humidiy of 75%.

The packing of DEMEX is adapted to ADR/97 rules.

DEMEX explosives

Dencity(g/cm³) 0,60 - 0,65 0,70 - 0,75 0,70 - 0,75
Detonation velocity(m/s) 1400 - 1600 1400 - 1800 1800 - 2000
Oxygen balance(%) +7,8 Урамнотежен Урамнотежен
Gas volume(dm/kg) 1030 683 751
Heat of explosion(kJ/kg) 2885 2834 2964
Explosion temperature(K) 2110 2127 2218
Initiation Blasting Cap. N&sup0;

*Detonating velocity is tested in an uncovers charge ware the diameter of the charge if 30mm at short density.

DEMEX explosives are produced in accordance with standard H.D1.020.

Guarantee period is 6 months