ANFO explosive mixtures

Classic ANFO explosive mixtures are two-components Systems made of pulled porous ammonium-nitrate And diesel fuel as sensitize.

PUMPED ANFO ANOL-ANFO is a classic ANFO Explosive mixture, which is pneumatically filled by The ANFO pump-truck in dry mining boreholes with diameters bigger then 100mm. For their low density Of charge, the pumped emulsion explosive of either type "oil in water" or "water in oil", but the gas volume is Bigger. It is recommended gor mass blasting on open Pits with soft and medium hard rock. ANOL-ANFO is not sensitive to impulse of blasting cap N° 8 and detonating cord. It is initiated with Pentolite Boosters of 300g and 360g, as well as with Pentolite boosters for NONEL system of 500g (PP-300, PP-360, PPN-500). ANFO pump-truck is Connected to its vase ANFO station. ANFO is polyethylene bags These products cal also Be used whit hard rocket mass with the effect of Subsequent crashing of material.

ANFO-J, 1 According to its composition, increased Density and sensibility, ANFO-J,1 is adapted for mechanized charging in underground exploitations Concerning diameters of 32mm and bigger. Initiation of ANFO-J,1 is done with pentolite boosters of 100g specially constructed for the purpose. Toge-ther With this product TRAYAL COORPORATION can offer ANFO Filling unit of 100 dm³, of is own production, CARTRIDGED ANFO ANFEX P-DM.

Production, application and initiation of this product are The same as fo ANFEX P-DM. There are packet in Polyethylene bags of 60mm in diameter or bigger.

The aforementioned types of explosives, expect for ANFEX-PP, are very sensitive to water, so they are used in dry mine holes. ANFEX-PP can also be used in moist Holes (but not in ones filled with water). Thus very fast initiation is recommended.

ANFO-J,1 is initiated whit PP-100, ANFO mixtures are initiated whit PP-300, PP-360 and PPN-500, depending on the diameter of hole. PP-500 is only used for Not-electric system of initiation (NONEL).

ANFO explosive mixtures can not be used in boreholes Whit possible appearance of methane and dangerous Coal dust.

The guaranteed expiration date implies the snorting of explosives in dry and well-ventilated rooms with Temperature ranging from -20C to +30C, that is whit Maximum relative humidity of 75%.

ANFO explosive mixtures

Dencity(g/cm) 0,95-1,00 0,95-1,00 0,95-1,00
Detonation velocity(m/s) 2000-2500 2000-2500 2000-2500
Detonation transmission(cm) Contact Contact Contact
Oxygen balance(%) Balanced Balanced Balanced
Gas volume(dm/kg) 1045 1045 1045
Heat of explosion(kJ/kg) 3872 3872 3872
Explosion temperature(K) 2544 2544 2544
Initiation Pentolite booster 300g



Diameter(mm) Cartridge mass(g) Cartridge length(mm) Inner packing poly-ethylene bags Outer packing cardboard boxes
Pieces Mass of each(kg) Dimensions(mm) Net mass(kg)
60 1000 373-393 25 1,0 430x290x305 25
70 1500 390-410 16 1,5 440x270x290 24
80 2000 398-419 12 2,0 440x300x250 24
90 2000 315-331 12 2,0 360x350x290 24

*Detonating velocity is determined in an uncovered charge, in a cardboard tube of ø100mm, initiated by PP-360